FreeBSD 7.2-Release dbus error on fresh install

Just downloaded FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE amd64 at I was so excited to install it, since 7.1 wont install on my AMD Phenom X3 8650 machine. OK, so the usual text-based installation went smooth. I chosed the GNOME packages since I have read that it includes GNOME 2.26. I also had the ports collection installed. After installation, I have to first login at the console. I have edited my .xinitrc to point it to start GNOME using gdm.

When I executed startx at the command prompt, I had this error that has something to do with dbus thing. So I have searched the FreeBSD forums for answers. I then created a thread so as for the Gurus to help. Then after sometime, I learned that the dbus should be enabled before gdm. Here is what I did.

Edit your /etc/rc.conf using your favorite editor and add the following lines to fix the dbus thing and automatically start GNOME after rebooting your computer


Restart your PC
shutdown -r now


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