BSD Magazine April, 2010 Issue

Check out my article in this issue entitled,  FreeBSD Firewall with Transparent Proxy Server, DHCP Server and Name Server

The April 2010 Issue of BSD Magazine is out now!

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  • Modern FreeBSD Install

    All these years sysinstall(8) was helping us to install FreeBSD with most needed options.

    – Slawomir Wojtczak (vermaden)
  • X11 without dbus/hald and with three kings

    FreeBSD Handbook suggests (check section 5.4.2 Configuring X11), that running sysutils/hal (hald) and devel/dbus daemons is mandatory to have working x11/xorg … nothing further from the truth.

    – Slawomir Wojtczak (vermaden)
  • Converting a FreeBSD Port Using PBI Builder

    This is an excerpt from the “Becoming a Developer” chapter of the recently released book, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD.

    – Dru Lavigne
  • BSD File Sharing – Part 2. SAMBA

    Last time I wrote about NFS on different BSD’s. This time I am going to dedicate this article of the series to SAMBA.

    – Petr Topiarz
  • Running VirtualBox OSE with VNC under FreeBSD 8.0

    VirtualBox is a type 2 hypervisor that sits directly on top of the host-server OS and is suitable for server, desktop and embedded applications. It will run most OS’s as guest with few exceptions, and like Vmware * there are many pre-built VM’s available.

    – Rob Somerville
  • FreeBSD Firewall with Transparent Proxy Server, DHCP Server and Name Server

    If you need Internet-sharing to be available to share allow your network to access the web using only one public IP Address, you need to setup a gateway.

    – Joshua Ebarvia
  • The Squid and the Blowfish

    We have grown so much accustomed to Internet access on our work computers, that we can hardly imagine what people ever did all day long on their workplace before!

    – Daniele Mazzocchio
  • Hosting Environment Network and Firewall Redundancy with the BSDs

    With many large websites and hosting providers relying on BSD operating systems to power their businesses, it only makes sense that many smaller providers take the same path.

    – Chris Buechler
  • Comparison of FreeBSD And OpenBSD: Not One Cake But The Two Ones

    The purpose of this article is to highlight some differences between the two BSD operating systems – FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

    – Juraj Sipos
  • Introducing Beastie to Strangers

    When PC-BSD 8 first came out back in February, I installed the operating system on two of my machines and was very impressed with the new release.

    – Jesse Smith