BSD Magazine July 2010 Issue

Check out my article in this issue, entitled FreeBSD Experience and Success Story

The July 2010 Issue of BSD Magazine is out now!

Download your copy here

  • Building a Desktop Firewall with pf and fwbuilder

    This article is an excerpt from the Firewalls and VPNs chapter of the book The Best of FreeBSD Basics (ISBN 9780979034220), published by Reed Media Publishing.

    – Dru Lavigne
  • OpenBSD Some Interesting One Floppy Systems

    One floppy systems are very practical, as they usually have a specific goal, which cannot be said about all Live CD’s.

  • Remote Installation of the FreeBSD Operating System without a Remote Console

    This article documents the remote installation of the FreeBSD operating system when the console of the remote system is unavailable. The main idea behind this article is the result of a collaboration with Martin Matuska with valuable input provided by Pawel Jakub Dawidek

  • OpenBSD as a Mail Server

    In a previous document, we built redundant firewalls using the CARP and PFSYNC protocols; these were the first building blocks of a hypothetical, penBSD-based, small private networkthat we are going to build step by step across several documents.

  • Performance Comparison ITTIA DB and SQLite

    ITTIA DB SQL and SQLite are used by software developers to manage information stored in applications and devices. Designed to be hidden from the end-user, these embedded relational database management systems are linked into the application or firmware as self-contained software libraries.

    – Sasan Montaseri
  • Interview with Jeff Roberson

    – Jesse Smith
  • FreeBSD Experience and Success Story


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