Canonical’s Webinar: Successful Desktop Migration

Here is the information I received from Canonical

Oh, for the good old days of Microsoft monopoly! Sure, there were constant
problems with viruses and Blue Screens of Death, but admit it: you enjoyed
raging against the Windows machine.

But then, you always were a glutton for punishment. Others, however, are
turning to desktop alternatives like Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

Yes, Ubuntu.

Millions of people have dumped Windows in favor of Ubuntu as their preferred
desktop, and a growing number of enterprises must now grapple with the
challenge of how to effectively deploy the industry’s leading Linux desktop.

But not your business? Think it’s “Windows as far as the sysadmin can see”?
Think again. You’ve got Ubuntu. Probably lots of it.

It’s time to discover how your business can easily and successfully deploy
Ubuntu Desktop Edition.

Join experienced Canonical engineer Boris Devouge to learn desktop migration
best practices and methodologies. You will find out how to avoid common pain
points, as well as tips and tricks for testing, piloting and deploying Ubuntu
Desktop Edition in your business. It will also make you popular. All the cool
kids run Ubuntu.

In fact, Boris will walk you through real migration scenarios from peers who
have also embraced Ubuntu. Have questions? He’ll answer them, live during the

Date: Thursday 29th July 2010
Times: 12:00 BST (London) and 14:00 EDT (New York)

If you are responsible for enterprise desktops you won’t want to miss this

I have registered for the event and last night (Philippine Time, 7:00PM), I have participated in Canonical’s Webinar entitled, Successful Desktop Migration.

So for those who were not able to join, you can view the recorded presentation at

You can choose either from  Recorded Session I with Boris DeVouge and Matt Barker, or Recorded Session II with Roberto Salazar and Sam Herren.



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