BSD Magazine September 2010 Issue

Check out my article in this issue, entitled The Difference Between FreeBSD and Ubuntu in a Not So Technical Way

The September 2010 Issue of BSD Magazine is out now!

Download your copy here

  • Installing a Citrix Client on FreeBSD

    As our computing needs change, so does our criteria for selecting an operating system. Today, my job and my family are in different cities.

  • Writing shellcode for Linux and *BSD

    A shellcode is a sequence of machine language instructions which an already-running program can be forced to execute by altering its execution flow through software vulnerabilities (e.g. stack overflow, heap overflow or format strings).

  • How To Convert Text to Voice Using Festival and Lame in FreeBSD

    In 2007 I built a web-based IM/ Chat Service which was later launched as an iPhone web app. Making a long story short I retired the service in 2008 and that was that.

  • FreeBSD Squid proxy with Parental Controls How-To

    Traditionally, web pages were served via a webserver such as Apache and transmitted via the network on port 80 to a web-browser.

  • Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD PART 2

    So our OpenBSD-based network now includes redundant firewalls (, domain name servers (, a mail gateway ( and a web proxy cache (

  • The Difference Between FreeBSD and Ubuntu in a Not So Technical Way

    As a system administrator, I have been using various distributions of Linux and FreeBSD. I am comfortable in a mixed environment of *nix operating systems to provide network services.


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